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Hansi Flick’s ‘First Problem’ Arises at Barcelona

The first major challenge facing Barcelona head coach Hansi Flick has been detailed online.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the future of Iñigo Martínez at Barcelona is clouded with uncertainty. The experienced 33-year-old centre-back, who has been a steadfast presence in the Blaugrana defense, now faces an ambiguous role following significant changes in the club’s management and roster dynamics.

The Xavi Factor

Martínez’s position at Barcelona has been precarious, especially after the departure of Xavi Hernández, who was a major advocate for the Basque defender. Xavi’s exit has left Martínez without his primary supporter, making his future at the club more uncertain than ever.

Hansi Flick’s Inheritance

With the arrival of Hansi Flick as the new head coach, the situation becomes even more complicated. Flick, known for his tactical acumen and preference for a dynamic defensive lineup, will have to assess Martínez’s role amidst a crowded and competitive defense squad. This includes new signings and the integration of younger talents, all vying for a spot in the starting eleven.

Mundo Deportivo’s Insight

As reported by Mundo Deportivo (MD):

“Despite having one more year left on his contract, the Basque centre-back is not in the club’s plans.”

This statement underscores the challenging position Martínez finds himself in. Although he has another year on his contract, the club does not see him as part of their future strategy under Flick.

Martínez’s Stance

The dilemma for Barcelona intensifies with Martínez’s firm stance on his future. The defender has expressed no interest in leaving the club, complicating the situation for the new management. If Deco, the sporting director, and the club’s executives attempt to push him out, Martínez is prepared to demand full payment for the final year of his contract. This potential standoff places the club in a difficult financial and operational position.

The Financial Implications

Barcelona, already grappling with financial constraints and the need to balance their books, faces a significant challenge. Paying off Martínez’s contract in full could strain their resources further, limiting their ability to invest in new players or address other critical areas of the squad.

Hansi Flick’s First Major Test

MD concludes that this situation “will be the first problem that Flick will have to deal with.” Managing this delicate issue will test Flick’s leadership and decision-making skills early in his tenure. Balancing the club’s financial considerations, the player’s contractual rights, and the team’s competitive needs will require careful negotiation and strategic planning.


As Barcelona navigates this complex situation, the resolution of Iñigo Martínez’s future will likely set a precedent for how the club handles similar issues moving forward. It will also provide an early indication of Hansi Flick’s approach to management and conflict resolution within the squad. The outcome could have lasting implications for Barcelona’s stability and success in the coming seasons.

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