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Hansi Flick is determined to sign the best player in Euro 2024

Everyone is closely watching Barcelona’s movements in the current summer transfer market to discern the future trajectory of the Catalan team. There is a consensus that Barcelona needs to secure several strong deals to regain its usual strength and competitiveness.

Hansi Flick’s Ambitions

German coach Hansi Flick is determined to enter the next season with a team capable of causing significant trouble to European giants, particularly their arch-rival Real Madrid. Flick’s vision for the team is ambitious, aiming to restore Barcelona to its former glory.

Fabian Ruiz: Flick’s Top Target

According to Sport newspaper, the most coveted deal for Hansi Flick at the moment is securing Fabian Ruiz, the star midfielder of the Spanish national team and the best player of Euro 2024. Flick’s desire to bring Ruiz to Barcelona outweighs other potential contracts.

Negotiation Challenges

Despite the known difficulty of negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain, which currently holds Ruiz’s contract, Flick is hopeful. He is aware of Ruiz’s strong desire to move to Barcelona, a factor that might ease the negotiation process and facilitate the completion of the deal.

Ruiz’s Unparalleled Performance

Flick’s admiration for Ruiz stems from his outstanding performance with the Spanish national team. The coach believes that Ruiz can excel in one of the midfield positions, bringing unparalleled efficiency and quality to Barcelona’s lineup.

Prioritizing Ruiz Over Other Targets

The newspaper further reported that Flick prioritizes signing Ruiz over other notable targets such as Nico Williams and Joshua Kimmich. Flick’s focus on Ruiz underscores his strategic vision for bolstering Barcelona’s midfield, which he sees as crucial for the team’s success in the upcoming season.


As Barcelona navigates the complexities of the summer transfer market, the potential signing of Fabian Ruiz could be a game-changer for the club. Hansi Flick’s strategic decisions and ability to secure top talent will be pivotal in shaping Barcelona’s future and restoring its competitive edge in European football.

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