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Suarez’s goal with Inter Miami after Messi’s creativity from midfield

The wonder and myth of Messi and Suarez in the American League.
Minute 48: Inter Miami lost 2-1 and everyone was in a state of anger, but Messi refused to end the first half before he created chaos and madness on the match field.

Messi missed the ball near the middle of the field and everyone expected a long pass from Messi, but Leo decided to surprise everyone with something strange.
Messi lost his memory and forgot that he had reached the age of 39 years and decided to dribble the defenders in a creative way, then he passed the ball in a world-class way towards Jordi Alba, who decided to confront Suarez with a legendary pass that made him score a very easy goal in front of a goal that was completely empty and void of the goalkeeper.
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